Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yo, Dems on LOGO Tonight: Gays Vote!

At a 92.5% clip during Presidential elections.

Just put that in consideration tonight when you decide who to pander to - the uber conservatives who aren't going to vote for you anyway (and who won't vote in high numbers in 2008) or a 5-10% minority in this country that votes 90% of the time?

5% of this country's population, by the way, is 15 million people. Almost 60 million voters cast a ballot for John Kerry in the '06 election - meaning that probably more than 1 in 10 voters who cast a ballot for Kerry were glbt. Those kinds of numbers can win a primary - and push us forward in the general, as well. Coming out for gay marriage may just be the difference between winning a close primary in Iowa and New Hampshire (where civil unions are now legal) or losing it, because gay people vote. Keep putting us down at your own electoral risks.

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