Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ah! Attack of the Boogey Man!!

Magnetars are stars that send out such huge and frantic bursts of energy that they only live for 10,000 years - billions less than our sun will endure.

Never in all of my life have I ever been so frightened of a (self-)interest(ed) group! Not.

Backers of abstinence-only education launched a campaign yesterday urging Governor Deval Patrick to accept a $700,000 federal grant to keep the program alive in Massachusetts.

Note the group is spending $75,000 on the campaign - over 10% of the money Patrick refused to take from the Christianists Moral Majority Minority running D.C. The good news (humor is a good thing, right?) is that the group has taken a page out of Kerry Healey's campaign:

One of the ads says: "Deval Patrick Doesn't Want 11-Year-Olds Taught to Say 'No' to Sex."

This is sure to be one of the least successful campaigns since Vote on Marriage blew up in flames last June. Enjoy it while it lasts, because fires this fierce blaze out all the faster.

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Joel Patterson said...

These people are hilarious!
"We don't teach kids how to smoke safely, drink and drive safely, and fight safely," said Rebecca Ray of Healthy Futures, a subsidiary of a Christian, antiabortion group called A Woman's Concern.
She equates sex with smoking cigarettes, drunk driving and fighting.

Maybe she listens to too much country music.

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