Monday, September 10, 2007

Hagel's Retirement Announcement

Just to keep the locals aware of what's happening nationally: The winds are changing on the federal level - with Senator Chuck Hagel's (R) announcement that he'll retire. This, of course, follows Senator John Warner (R) of Virgina's recent announcement that he'll retire too, opening up an easy fight for another Warner of Virginia, Mark - a popular, former Governor. Larry Craig's (R) demise certainly makes these winds seem more like a gail-force hurricane, but it's doubtful Democrats will be able to take Craig's Idaho seat. Still, Hagel's seat isn't a huge uphill battle, especially since former Senator Kerrey is considering rejoining Capitol Hill. Kerrey may not be the progressive we want him to be, but I'll take anything to get to a veto-proof majority. Oh, and there are potential pickups for Democrats from Maine to Texas and many states in between. Anyone else starting to think R really stands for RIP?

And that's the quick recap. To think, I didn't even make one Larry Craig joke! (My friend asked why I haven't blogged about Craig. My answer: It's too easy.)


Lynne said...


Joel Patterson said...

Don't expect Bob Kerrey to be much help toward a veto-proof supermajority. He's kind of a Lieberman, but with a wooden leg and a notch on his bedpost from Debra Winger. He'd probably try to sandbag universal health care or redeploying troops from Iraq.

It's really sad that a Vietnam Veteran like Kerrey has been so gung ho to keep pouring our soldiers into the meatgrinder over there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - off the subject.
Whatever happened to "ask Ryan anything", wasn't it on tuesdays.

Ryan Adams said...

Anon, It was actually on Mondays, I've just been forgetting to do it. Fear not, I'll bring it back!

Joel, he's no big progressive force, but he wouldn't be bad for a politician from Nebraska. He's voted, in the past, against a federal marriage amendment, against and he even voted against Bill Clinton's welfare reform. His biggest offense, in my view, is his position on Iraq... but I'm sure his attempt to win an election will smooth over that issue, as well as influence from the party.

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