Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Marc Solomon on LeftAhead!

Mike and I had Marc Solomon, the Political Direct of MassEquality, on as this week's special guest on LeftAhead. We chatted marriage equality, obviously, but also where the organization intends to be in the near future. We pathed the Bay State's future, as well, and looked at how much of MassEquality's tactics could work across the country. Being that MassEquality focused on elections and linking legislators with their (glbt and allied) constituents, Marc thinks most of it'll work. We also chatted about some recent successes across the country, from Maine to Iowa, and got to hear Solomon call the Governator in Caleeeforrneea a "wimp" for not signing a marriage equality law into existence when it passed their legislature. Obviously, there was a lot to chat about, so listen in for yourself.

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