Monday, September 03, 2007

On Tuesday: Eldridge

I endorsed Jamie Eldridge in June, but tomorrow's the day that matters. For a reminder of why Congress needs Eldridge, it's all about leadership. It's one thing to say the right things, it's another to be bold enough to contribute to that goal. Eldridge has fought hard and accomplished much in his tenure at Beacon Hill and he ought to have a chance to fight for the same causes on the other Hill, the Capitol. Whether it's glbt rights or health care, Eldridge has fought the longest and hardest of all the candidates - he was a whip on the marriage equality vote in June and a college Dem fighting against Don't Ask, Don't Tell way before most people came to the realization that such a draconian policy is both bad for equal rights and bad for our military. On Iraq, Eldridge has been a cut above all the rest in his boldness on getting out - even if that means cutting military funding. On Health Care, he's the only sane candidate out there: this country needs Single Payer, where everyone has quality health care and it'd even cost less, and he'll fight the good fight to get us there.

We have an election tomorrow where the winner will almost certainly go on to win the general election; voters don't have to worry about questions such as "electability." All of the candidates vying for the Democratic Nomination can win. People of the Fifth should remember that and vote for the candidate who will do the most to ensure their children are out of Iraq, have adequate health care and have all of their civil rights intact. One candidate has a stronger record on all of those issues than his opponents. That candidate's name is Jamie Eldridge.

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