Saturday, September 08, 2007

UMASS Making Changes Where it Matters Most

UMASS Dartmouth has some plans for big changes.
The Public Affairs Office is constantly working with the PublicationsOffice; Web Design; and Facilities, Planning and Construction to strengthen the UMass Dartmouth brand. This summer, our collective activities haveincluded new parking and building signage, new campus maps, updateuniversity style guide, and updated web sites.

By committing to standards for communicating with the campus and community through various media, we strengthen the university. Your understanding of the style guide is critical to this effort. Much research and design hasbeen invested in this effort.

No wonder parts of the campus have been shut down for fear that they'd collapse. They've got to stay focused on the pretty logos.

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joe said...

I stood in line for an hour in front of a pretty pretty princess blonde whining brat to pay 100 bucks for a parking permit...but it was all worth it when I saw those new signs.

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