Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Deval's Good Idea: Remove Tocco

Let's get the Romney stench out of the UMASS system - something Governor Patrick is trying to do. There are all sorts of good reasons to get rid of Tocco, but the best is because Tocco's the sleazeball that orchestrated the ouster of everyone who supported a UMASS Dartmouth law school. Governor Patrick supports the law school; certainly, thousands in the South Coast (including me, when I was there) spoke to him personally about that issue. It's very important for the region - and state - to have an affordable and one day high-quality institution for public law, which the proposed school UMASS would merge with happens to specialize in. It would take a few years to bring the school up to par, but with a tuition set at $19,000 a year, it would open the doors to law school to millions in this state that would otherwise be unable to afford it.

I know, just what this state needs - more Esquires, right? Well, when their specializations would be in public defense and prosecution, it sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

Tocco was on the Board LONG before Romney, and his term doesn't expire until 2011. Before that he was Commr. of Higher Ed. Been involved with UMass about 20 years, publicly supportive of Patrick's initiatives.

WHY is he targeted for removal?

Ryan Adams said...

I think it's pretty obvious. I remember Wilson and Tocco making a big fuss over a certain, well-respected UMASS Amherst chair. Add to that his lobbyist connections, the law school trouble, etc. etc. and it's well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Lombardi was no prize, either. It's hard to sympathize with Wilson but Lombardi had a history in FL of pulling all kinds of stunts like calling people "oreos" and trying to bust unions. He only became "well-respected" when everyone decided he might be the lesser of two evils. He might be a half step better than Bulger, but that's about it.

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