Friday, October 26, 2007

Deval's Open Spaces

I just got a press release from the Patrick Administration informing me of an 8 million dollar investment in 21 parks across Massachusetts, none of which were in Boston. Very, very cool. I particularly liked this part of the initiative, in Salem:
The current brownfield site will be cleaned up to make it appropriate for a park facility that will serve as an anchor park for the harbor walk.

New public parks instead of brownfield sites - sounds like a pretty good exchange to me. Most of the projects seemed worthy additions to the Bay State which could even help spur economic activity. Furthermore, the fact that these aren't hidden items in a Representative's pockets is encouraging. It's not the type of big news I really want - like the passage of the Municipal Partnership Act - but at least the good people of this state know they have a Governor doing his job.

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Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - TRADITIONALLY, the liason from the office in question - be it DCR, DHCD, etc. - would call the Rep.'s office and ALLOW the Rep. to have the credit. Theoretically, since only the Legislature can appropriate money, the credit belongs there, even though the Gov.'s office knows the when and where because s/he contols the agency involved.

After pulling this self-aggrandizing stunt - he's going to ask them for a billion dollars tomorrow? How swift is THAT?

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