Thursday, October 11, 2007

Herald (!?!) Endorses Tsongas

I just got an email from Team Tsongas; the Boston Herald endorsed her campaign. This, on top of the Lowell Sun's endorsement, is pretty stunning. Even the conservative rags don't see Oganowski fit for congress. Ouch.

The Metrowest Daily also endorsed her campaign today, though I don't know much about that paper's leanings. Add that to the list. Given the endorsements, debates, SCHIP fallout and a few other factors, it's looking like I don't need to be worried about a Tsongas victory after all. Barring some unforeseen disaster, it's in the bank - thanks to the fact that Oganowski rivals Kerry Healey in being the Worst Candidate Ever.


Mass Marrier said...

With the exception of the Eagle-Tribune, all the MSM in the district, left and right, are for Niki. It's hard to tell whether the traditional conservative rags, like the Herald and Sun are running from the smell of death and failure or just picking whom they consider best.

It is also ironic that even those who support Oh-Go-On can't get that right. The Eagle-Tribune for example mutters something LITE about how someone who runs a small family business is therefore qualified to go to Congress. Then it goes on to undercut the common-man thing with a list of the major blue-collar unions who support Niki. The ordinary folk, the typical 5th CD voters, belong to those unions.

Oh-Go-On is sitting on 28 years' worth of government pension, more benefits than even the most plugged in union member will see, a four-hour work day on his grass/hay farm, and a life that is not within the reach of most voters.

I'm not surprised the plain-folk media have a hard time picking him.

bostonph said...

I hate to admit it, but I really enjoyed watching the RMG crowd trash the Herald after the announcement.

The sad thing is they really seem to believe that Ogo is a blue collar farmer rather than a retired military officer running a hobby farm. To be clear, the latter is perfectly honorable. It's the glorification and accompanying reverse snobbery that I have issues with.

Ryan Adams said...

I try not to become obsessive over where politicians came from; I've seen good corporate guys and bad ones, good towns people and bad ones... so on and so forth. The fact that someone is in a particular field tends not to be what I'm looking at, but what they did there and what their positions are - and whether they get he 'big picture,' which Idon'tknowski certainly doesn't.

bostonph said...

I agree 100%

Stuff like this is far more important:

Most importantly, Ogonowski has great respect for the rule of law. He opposes same-sex marriage and believes the people should have been allowed to vote on a ballot question to amend the state constitution. Had that vote occurred and gone against his views, Ogonowski says he would consider the matter settled.

Ryan Adams said...

Great respect for the rule of law? Oh, yeah, that's right, let's oppose the rule of law then! All because we didn't open up a process that's literally never been opened up for as long as I can remember - just for that one law!

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