Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MA-05 Getting Close?

That's what Mike says. Apparently, the polls have tightened to around 10%. While that's not a landslide, I don't know if I'd be willing to say this thing is close quite yet. We'll see if it gets even closer, or not.

Still though, as Mike's diatribe points out rather well, it's certainly frustrating Niki is trying to be an outsider candidate of change instead of playing to her strengths. Republican-lite isn't the best strategy anywhere, because more people will just want the real deal. Here's hoping Tsongas stops hitting the snooze button, turns off the alarm and goes on the attack - no more miss nice gal when there are men and women dying in the thousands in Iraq. Mr. Oganowski would just keep them there longer and that's not going to be a popular decision anywhere in Massachusetts, even in the conservative-ish 5th.


Joel Patterson said...

Open Left had a good clip of Deval speaking about how Ogo will try to blur the differences between himself and Tsongas on the war.

He's right, and you're right.

The clearer the difference is, the bigger her victory.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Lowell Sun today. Someone took your advice. The gloves are off and Niki is reporting that the Emperor has no clothes.


Ryan Adams said...

Ahh, there's the link. It's certainly clear that the campaign has seen the exact same polling results - and it's better they saw it now than later.

bostonph said...

I think the more people are exposed to Ogo, the more they'll dislike him. He comes across very poorly in person and worse on television.

It doesn't help that he has wingnuts like EaBo Clipper on his campaign. EaBo's supporting posts on BMG and RMG are actually some of the best arguments against him.

I'm not sure exactly where the Mass. GOP is heading, but it's a very weird, dark place.

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