Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So, Let's Get This Straight

Turkey's getting ready to amp up their attacks against the Kurds, in Iraq.

We're twattling away in that country, just itching to invade Iran.

Meanwhile, we're losing our grip in the one country we had a reason to be in, Afghanistan. Seriously, how could this administration ever allow the Taliban to regain steam - and why isn't this nation camping on the lawn of Bush's Pennsylvania Avenue address, screaming for something to be done about it?

Why aren't the Democrats standing up to him?

What is going on with this country?


Anonymous said...

we're in a battle against Islamic extremists that will make the 100 year war look like a flash in the pan.

Anonymous said...

Remember last year before the election when you were complaining about the Greens, and people kept pointing out that with between 25-50% of Congressional Democrats in the DINO camp the DINOs and Republicans form an insurmountable supermajority? What did you expect was going to happen, Congress was going to have the guts to stop this cluster@#$%? Yeah. If they don't have the common sense/intestinal fortitude when only 24% are still in the grip of irrational fear mongering, good luck on that.

Anonymous said...


Why aren't the Democrats standing up to him?

as I mentioned over at BMG, that is easily explained: the congressional Democrats are invertibrates.


joe said...

If you're so worried about Turkey, why didn't you mention the fact that congressional democrats thought this was a good time (note: im not saying not to ever, but not NOW) to piss them off with this Armenian genocide foolishness?

Maybe, just maybe, they aren't standing up to Bush because they're idiots. Imagine that.

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