Monday, November 12, 2007

Inviting Amy Contrada to Dinner

In my recent post about the unfortunate turn of events surrounding Amy Contrada's daughter, Claudia, I got a fairly humorous reply in the thread. Apparently, we aren't doing enough to make friends with MassResistance. Well, I'm going to do something to change that!

For readers unaware, Contrada's daughter came out as lesbian right before she helped her school open the play "the Laramie Project," which deals with the aftermath of Matthew Shepard's murder in the local community. Unfortunately, it caused a brouhaha that made Amy Contrada's Crazy Person button go off, so she pulled her daughter from the school, posted private pictures and conversations of her daughter's, invaded her daughter's Facebook and unfortunately tried to play her off as a special needs child who was incapable, at the age of 17, to make rational decisions regarding her sexuality. (I knew I was gay since I was around 10-12, so it isn't exactly a stretch to take Claudia's word for it at the age of 17.)

While I'm not buying Amy Contrada's rational - and think it's rather humorous that Mr. Anonymous thinks we should all just try to get along (and would trust Amy Contrada with anything she said) - I decided to bite. I'll go for it.

So, Amy Contrada, come on down! You're more than welcome to take a visit to the beautiful Swampscott; I'll make you a home-cooked meal. I make a great stuffed chicken, filled with prosciutto, basil and cheese, or we could bake a spiral, glazed ham. In gentle conversation, we can figure out just why you believe I belong in hell and why I can't understand how you could be so cruel to your own daughter. Maybe that'll appease the Anonymous posters out there? So, Ms. Contrada, send me an email. Bring a bottle of wine or a dessert and we'll have a fun night out on me!


bostonph said...
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bostonph said...


The wayback machine says Amy has already invited all of us gay activist types to have lunch with her back in 2005. I should have checked it first.

She also accused us of breaking into her home and writing things in the dust on her furniture, but what's a few false accusations amongst friends?

World O' Crap's commentary is close to perfect (and hilarious). It's worth following the link.

Amy's blog entry of Nov. 19 (updated on the 20th) says in part:

The letter below was posted last night in the hopes that the criminals who broke into my home, stealing my privacy and credit card, would feel some remorse for their vile act.

Dear "Gay" Activist Friends,

We thought liberals believed in the right of privacy. So I'm very puzzled by your recent behavior.

Instead of breaking and entering into my home, going through my personal belongings, and taking who knows what private information and photographs, why not just give me a call and arrange to meet for coffee or lunch?

Ryan Adams said...

Well, I'm sure she can find my email address. LOL

Anonymous said...

It's also looking like that person that "broke into her home" is most likely her daughter who probably wrote the stuff in the dust. Do you think they fingerprinted anything?

bostonph said...

Yes, the police came and took fingerprints. The next day, Amy went down to the station to complain about the "gays" charging inexpensive, weird things to her credit card (seriously).

She ended up in a shouting match with a police officer. After that she called the Attorney General's office so many times the AG banned her from calling.

Follow the link... World O' Crap reposted MassResistance's mailing on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Amy is a nutjob, I doubt her daughter wrote anything on the furniture either. She also thinks the government is using her fillings to control her.

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