Monday, November 12, 2007

Love This: Pats Use Renewable Energy

The Patriots signed a 4 year deal to buy renewable energy credits from wind farms in the Midwest to use during game days. Each home game, the Pats were using enough energy to power 2,269 homes for an entire game. That's no slim pickings. Hopefully, other teams - like the Sox and Celtics - will follow suit, making a huge environmental impact, as well as boosting the teams' reputation. It's sort of hard for the "bad guys" rep to stick when they're probably one of the few - if only - teams in the NFL making sure that they're not contributing to the destruction of the planet.

Somehow, I doubt the so-called force for good in the world, the Indianapolis Colts, would ever follow suit. But, then again, they just lost their second game in a row (with a missed 29 yard Adam Vinatieri Field Goal) so maybe no one cares. In any event, kudos to Robert Kraft for again showing why he's the NFL's best owner and a very decent man. We need more business owners willing to show the way toward environmental friendliness before we'll ever be able to combat Global Warming.

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