Monday, November 05, 2007

MassEquality's Decision

I got an email the other day about MassEquality's future plans - and, indeed, they chose to expand beyond marriage equality. Thank goodness.

There's one important qualification, though, in the email:
We will need the help of you, our advocates, and our affiliate organizations around the state to be successful in this undertaking.

It goes without saying, but the people of this state are going to have to take leadership on lgbt issues. We're going to have to be the ones asking for help and urging all facets of the state on where to go with equality - to a place where everyone has it.

As MassEquality expands beyond their basic plans written in their email, as they've promised, I'll continue to write about it. I have high hopes that 1913 is on its last leg and workplace protections for transgender people will quickly make it through Beacon Hill, but it's going to take hard work from dozens of organizations and tens of thousands of people. It's good to know MassEquality is saying they'll be there to help.


Anonymous said...

What will happen if the SJC UPHOLDS the 1913 law?

I have never understood why legislation wasn't just filed to repeal it. Now, if it is upheld, that will be a gamble.

Ryan Adams said...

I don't know how the Attorney General's office is going to precide in this matter, neither does Mike - who talked about this whole situation at length on today's LeftAhead podcast. Yet, if she does what I'd hope - and chooses not to defend 1913, it would in effect be dead. As AG, that's her right to do it. She could just say, 'it's my professional opinion that this matter is unconstitutional, so why would I ever, in a million years, defend it?' She'd do what Governor Patrick, President Murray and Speaker DiMasi have all been completely unable to do, despite their large locks on power and a general agreement on the issue - to get rid of a simple law to repeal, the 4 statutes that comprise the racist and homophobic 1913.

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