Monday, November 19, 2007

Serious Campaign Training

As I pointed out to readers on my last blog, the fine folks at MassAlliance - comprising well over a dozen progressive organizations all over the state, from MassEquality to the Coalition of Social Justice - put together (one helluva) Campaign Manager training seminar over this weekend. It was a serious crash course that's just trained over 20 people to know everything they need to run a successful state campaign for a progressive candidate. In case anyone didn't pass their math MCAS, that amounts to a crap load of potential new progressive pickups if candidates take advantage of it. (Please, future candidates, do!)

If anyone can think of a better way to create the change we all so desperately seek than developing new talent to help at the electoral end, let me know. It looks to me that only an electoral change will result in a new government that actually believes in fixing what's broken in Massachusetts. All the lobbying and all the fundraising in the world may do some good, but the only way to move the most stubborn Beacon Hill mountains is to have an old fashioned, bottom-up Earth Quake. Sound fun?

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