Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heading Out for Today's Casino Hearing

Governor Patrick's speaking at 11. There's no public comment, unfortunately, otherwise I'd have prepared a blurb. The only group invited that's against casinos, that I'm aware of, is the League of Women Voters. I'm sure there's one or two more, but this hearing is mainly scheduling people, especially big names, that are heavily in favor of casinos without public comment. This is what I'll call the 'grand spectacle hearing' that really doesn't matter, but will probably receive way too much media attention. The hearing that really does matter, with the committee that actually has authority over casinos (chaired by Dan Bosley), won't occur till after the New Year.

In any event, I hope to see some of you all there. I'll be writing about the forum tonight, but if I get out in time, I'll be joining the LeftAhead podcast to give a live report from the field.

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