Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Must be Gay

Apparently, the back-on-air Don Imus thinks anyone who doesn't like Mike Huckabee must be gay.

[Imus] yesterday stuck his foot back in his mouth calling WTKK afternoon drive guy Jay Severin “gay.”

During a political discussion, the I-Man inquired as to why Severin didn’t like GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee. “Why don’t you like Huckabee, because you’re gay or what?” Imus inquired.

So what does that make me? Oh, wait...

In any event, the Herald has more. Here's to Imus being fired again. When he's rehired after his second firing, maybe the third time will be the charm?


Laurel said...

Lesse, others who don't like Huckabee and so must be gay:
*Myth Romney
*King Giuliani
*"Straight" Talk McCain
*Fred Thompson
*Alan Keys
*Tom Tancredo
*Ron Paul

Yep, good thing Huckabee is running, cuz the rest of the ticket is full of limp-wristed faggots.

joe said...

McCain likes Huckabee. He's not gay.

Ryan Adams said...

Laurel, you're too funny.

Anonymous said...

He must have meant "happy", you know - you would be happy to dislike Mike.
I wonder why Laurel can use such language but Don can't?

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