Monday, December 31, 2007

Iowa Madness

Huckabee came out of no where to jump to a huge lead. Now, polls show Romney with a slight edge.

Edwards was falling a bit back, now it looks like he's a tad up - but everything's within the margin of error.

While I'm glad '08 will make for great political theater, I can't get past the fact that not only is this insanity, but it's a terrible way to do elections. About 10% of Iowa's population will decide the fate of the Presidential race - and it's a caucus, to make things worse, meaning that not only are votes not held in secret ballot, but the system actually encourages peer pressure and voter manipulation. Iowa madness, indeed.

Also: Be sure to tune into LeftAhead! on a holiday/Iowa/New Hampshire special, Wednesday at 2:30, featuring at least one very special guest.

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Anonymous said...

The Massachusetts caucus may be just as bad!
Our DTC won't let you go unless you're committed to the candidate the Chairman has selected.

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