Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pigs Grew Wings, Casino Opposition

I never, in a million years, would expect to read this in the Boston Globe - a front-page article about the growing movement rising up against casinos. Several weeks ago, I wrote an email to Matt Viser, after he wrote another one of the Globe's casinos-are-wonderful front page "news" articles, asking when he was going to write something that didn't cast casinos in anything but a positive light. Well, he did. Today. Go read it.

It's mainly about CasinoFreeMass, an organization I've become very ingrained in. Readers will note I was asked to be a featured speaker at their first community forum in New Bedford and have been helping them plan future events ever since. It's perhaps the most diverse group I've ever seen, representing some of the most progressive, liberal people out there - as well as people I've fiercely battled in other fights in the past. None of us seem to be willing to let our differences get in the way - it's all about blocking casinos.

So, to see some of our hard effort pay off - noticeably, in today's front-page news, is astounding. We've still yet to see serious investigative pieces examining the numbers on both sides, but today is such a step in the right direction that I'm positive we'll get there. It's important that everyone in this state have access to serious news and analysis on how casinos will actually impact Massachusetts, both economically and in our communities. Here's to reading about that in Viser's next casino article.


Wendel said...

Mass should take a hard look at how casinos have affected other states, provinces and communities before going ahead with casino development. Despite all of the promises that politicians make regarding how casinos bring in abundant tax and/or public revenue, casinos consistently COST society far more than the tax and/or public revenue that is produced. The costs associated with the additional crime, bankruptcies, gambling addictions, suicides and corruption are enormous. Furthermore, casinos often change the atmosphere of towns and communities for the worst. Just ask someone from Niagara Falls, Canada. Fallsview Casino has drastically changed the atmosphere of Niagara Falls and isn't bringing in much revenue. There's now a Fallsview opposition organization,

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting link.

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