Monday, December 31, 2007

Who Needs Civil Rights Anyway?

I honestly have no words of my own to describe how annoyed and angry I am.
After falling 116 valid signatures short of the needed amount to place the measure on the 2008 ballot for a statewide vote, gay rights foes asked U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman to intercede on their behalf, saying that the verification process for the signatures is flawed and that citizens who had signed the petitions had been disenfranchised.

Mosman halted the domestic partner law, which would have given same-sex couples in the state all the rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples (aside from the "marriage" label), pending a February 1st hearing that would challenge the verification process.

Jeana Frazzini, of Basic Rights Oregon, told the AP: "It's unfair our families once again are bearing the brunt of this ongoing struggle."
A lot of glbt people have been blocked from having at least a few more rights today in the state of Oregon, because a federal court has now blocked Oregon's Domestic Partnership law, which was to take effect tomorrow. So much for the Republican Party's complaints on Judicial Activism. Right wingers certainly love judicial activism when it works in their favor.

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