Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Casinos Are Just Swell in Detroit...

Or not.

Dan Kennedy beat me to the punch, but there's a very important article in today's Herald (imagine that!) on casinos - titled Busted.
“There were a lot of promises made in terms of how the economy would improve and jobs, jobs, jobs,” Watson said. “But the circumstances in the aftermath of the casinos has been ‘Lord have mercy.’ The ballyhooed promise of prosperity has not occurred.”

Patrick’s controversial plan for two commercially operated casinos and one Indian gaming hall has been a reality in Detroit since voters legalized gambling more than a decade ago.
Oh - and I think I've talked about this phenominon on my blog before...
Detroit City Councilor JoAnn Watson said the casinos have “created social and economic devastation” that has led to 20 percent of the city’s small businesses going “belly up.”

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