Thursday, January 31, 2008

The DNC's Not Getting My Money

Clearly, they don't deserve it.

The Democratic National Committee takes another hit today. The Washington Blade has obtained a copy of DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry’s deposition in the ongoing discrimination discovery hearings.

When asked about whether she supports gay marriage, Daughtry replied that she does not. The Pentecostal minister turned politico goes on to explain that same-sex nuptials go against her personal beliefs: “I believe, as the church believes, that marriage is intended for one man and one woman.” Daughtry goes on to insist that she keeps her religious beliefs separate from her duties at the DNC: “People know that I am a reverend but it is completely separate from the work at the DNC.”

The Blade also points out that Daughtry objected to requisite gay delegates because we haven’t faced “historic discrimination at the voting booth”. Girl must not remember all those anti-gay marriage initiatives.

Mind you, she's the Chief of Staff of the DNC... and has Howard Dean's full support.

Yo, Howard... love the 50 state plan... hate the homophobia.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the Libertarian Party's stance on gay marriage.

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