Monday, January 14, 2008


Cape Wind passed a major hurdle today. For those who don't know, Cape Wind helped this blogger decide Ryan's Take should primarily be a state blog, not based on some other premise. It's important that Cape Wind be built, sooner rather than later. It's even more important that the rest of the state follow suit.

Renewable Energy is here, today - affordable and ready to implement. We need to make sure this industry grows in Massachusetts and that this state becomes an international leader in confronting Global Warming. The climate tipping point quickly approaches, so it's good to know the Bay State is one step closer to making sure the Mass Bay won't be expanding any time soon.


carverchick said...

Hooray is right! An 880,000 ton reduction in CO2 emissions is fantastic! It is about time that we as a people start thinking is great to see that Massachusetts is doing this, lets hope others follow suite. California has been using wind energy for quite some time now, and driving through the foothills in Northern California, you drive through a large wind farm -- it is actually quite an amazing site....I don't think people will view this project as an eyesore, but more as a responsible way to provide energy that doesn't hurt the planet. Wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

It would be great to do more energy efficient things. Maybe someone can explain why the Democrats recently defeated a Republican amendment to require a state Green Building initiative.One provision would have been to require a 20 percent reduction of energy use in state buildings by 2020. It had Green Building tax credits included. ?????

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