Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mike Huckabee Dot Com

For 30 seconds of fun, go check out Huckabee's website. For something extra special , do glance through Huckabee 101, on the main page (you don't have to click anything to get to it). His "grassroots goal" is to collect $200,000 by midnight, January 4th. Rather conservative, right?

Errr.... not so much. I'm almost shocked Huckabee 101 is still on the front page of his website, because Campaign 101 teaches not to put stupid things on the front page of your website. Out of Huckabee's $200,000 goal, he's so far achieved $30,961.09 of it. That's a whopping 15.5% of his goal (I'm rounding up). Woot!

To put that in perspective, any of the top three Democratic candidates can sneeze more grassroots support than that.


Anonymous said...

Why do I have this fiendish thought that Dems should contribute to Huckabee?
He's likeable and charming in his own way. Lacking substance. And pretty extreme. A winner with the Christians.
He'd assure a Dem President!
Probably more easily than Rudy.

Lynne said...

I utterly agree with anon...when Huckabee first got on the radar, I was scared of him, and my husband was like, "no worries, he's easy to fight." The only thing he says he regrets is that Huckabee imploded a little too early not to sweep this thing so we could have him as our general election opponent.

Anyone else starting to not be able to read the ultra-warped Word Verification fields on these things? You know, if you thwart spam computers AND end users, it's totally useless.

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