Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My God Was That a Fun Night

Here's why NH tonight was great: no matter who's nominated in the Democratic Party, they're going to have to go through a much longer vetting process. My heart's in Edwards's camp, but I can't deny being a little excited seeing Obama go down. I'll tell you, even though I disagree with Democratic Party members very frequently, I'm a loyalist at heart: a movement needs a party and the Democratic one is the only one we've got. That's why I have such a hard time stomaching Obama's message. Sure, Deval Patrick spoke about reaching across partisan lines when he was getting elected, but it was never as important to his stump as it has been for Obama - and all Patrick's 'reaching across' to other interests, so far, have been exactly the sort of interests that really make me sick to my stomach.

So, here we are. Hillary won New Hampshire, pulling off what's probably one of the biggest political upsets I've ever seen. Now, we're heading for a long and drawn out primary season, just like the Republicans. It's a good day for Democracy.


Ari Fertig said...

Deval didn't talk about reaching across the aisle in MA because there are hardly any Republicans to work with. He has to work with Sal, not the Republicans. But I bet that if you put him in a different state he'd be talking a similar tune.

massmarrier said...

Well, it's good you parked your heart in a safe place. You can pick it up later.

Otherwise, I agree that the NH results command the Dems to play the position game with more vigor. Unlike the GOPsters, they have been too timid in offering solid policy for differentiating themselves.

We can do without more of those cheap shots from Clinton and Edwards, but if all three leaders get specific and take some chances, we'll all benefit.

Talk to me; convince me.

Ryan Adams said...

Ari, his rhetoric was certainly geared toward Sal too, but "even Kerry Healey has a few good ideas."

I can remember seeing him way back in April, when no one knew who he was, talking about reaching across the isle - not just dealing with the Sal DiMasi's of the world.

And I agree, Mike. All of the candidates need to show a little more. There's another debate coming up; hopefullly it'll only be Clinton, Edwards and Obama.

Mark D. Snyder said...

not happy about clinton's camp suing to prevent the hotel workers from caucusing...

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