Friday, January 25, 2008

Romney Did Well in Last Night's Debate...

And who wouldn't, when you have someone to whisper you the answers?

Now, I'm not an expert on video technology, but if that's real, that's damning.


Anonymous said...

Ryan - last night on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper made a statement - it was an open mike for the moderators. The voice you hear is actually Brit Hume prompting Tim Russert.

No Willard Fan said...

Regardless of this single incident, anyone who has witnessed Willard speaking UNSCRIPTED knows what an inept, hollow man he is.

Some have called him synthetic, but that doesn't tell the entire tale.

When he was the laughable Governor who spent more time campaigning for pResident than in the Commonwealth, each time he was forced to return due to a calamity or catastrophe (flooded towns, tunnel collapses, a Taunton dam threatening to collapse and such), the Democrats were forced to grab the microphones because he sounded like a .....dweeb?

One might think that Massachusetts voters had smartened up. Maybe they will next time and not elect someone who lacks a RECORD.

Tom Reilly's starting to look pretty good right about now.

Anonymous said...

Mike Waltner believes in single-payer. Ryan, you'll like this guy.

Ryan Adams said...


Anderson Cooper (??) made a statement on MSNBC (??)... about how Brit Hume (??) was prompting Tim Russert, the only person actually affiliated with the channel that hosted the debate?



Thanks for the reply! I appreciate anyone who supports single payer. Unfortunately, I don't typically get involved in campaigns in other states. However, I wish Mike Waltner all the luck in the world in defeating a Republican or DINO. Oh, and his wife has resembles Jody Foster... which is always a plus. LOL

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