Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scary Polling Data

There was some real scary polling data on MSNBC's Countdown last night. Keith Olbermann talked about a poll MSNBC commissioned, featuring the two top democrats versus McCain. Nationally, Obama vs. McCain was a 42-42 tie, while Hillary actually lost to McCain by about 2% (I think it was 44-46). As mentioned Wednesday, the two don't even fair well against McCain in Massachusetts! Hillary, in the Bay State SUSA poll, beat McCain by about 4% - Obama actually lost to McCain by a whopping 5% (a 9% swing in this state, compared to Hillary's number).

Now, polls are only a snapshot in time and there'd be plenty of moons for the two to shore up the Commonwealth, but if either candidate actually had to defend a state like Massachusetts from a Republican, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the country.

In fact, there's only two reasonable deductions to make from the MSNBC poll: we all need to hope John Edwards can actually make a race of this, as he's the only one who consistently defeats McCain in national polls. Secondly, let's all pray the Christian Right does the stupid right thing and helps the Grand Old Party nominate Willabee (either Willard or Huckabee, better yet - a ticket!). It'll be the Republican version of nominating McGovern - and they're actually stupid enough to be doing their best to make it happen (Romney's starting to take the lead in Florida). Otherwise, the prospects of McCain versus either Hillary or Obama is an utter nightmare few should dare to dream.


hahajohnnyb said...

I would not worry too much about McCain or Huckleberry, ever heard the how the hard right talks about those guys? Look, I am a hard rightwinger and I'll tell you right now that the only chance that we have to win is if Edwards or Hillary is nominated. We got plenty of bombs to throw at them, but we ain't got nothing on Obama.

Our problem is far deeper than just winning the next election, our problem is that our coalition is fracturing. Wall Street Republicans, the Eastern Establishment, Libertarians, Christian Conservatives et al.. Have always been a funny company and in reality we have very little in common with each other. Without a Reagan like figure to bring everyone together we are dead in the water.

joe said...

In regards to your first have no idea what you are talking about.

joe said...

That was at Johnny, not you ryan.

hahajohnnyb said...

Google it, Joe. Google what Rush Limbaugh is saying about these guys, go to Ann Coulter's web site and see what she says about McCain and Huckleberry. Ron Paul is the last conservative in the race, and they don't like him either.

joe said...

Have you ever heard Rush and Ann coulter speak? Sure, it's funny, but it's far from the general conservative consensus.

Mankiw likes McCain, so does Edward Glaeser.

"who are they?"


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