Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ted's Obama Speech

I have to say I was excited to see the decency and respect that ABC News with Charles Gibson gave on Kennedy's speech and endorsement for Obama. If anyone didn't catch it, it's worth watching. I guess I'm so used to seeing the media dis Kennedy on a regular basis, that I was mildly surprised they gave him the respect and honor he deserves as perhaps this party's true Elder Spokesman - and a guy who's truly fought for the middle and working class all his life. The speech itself was rousing and grand, just as any Kennedy speech is prone to be, showing once again that Teddy is as good a speaker as any politician out there.

It's only too bad the media wasn't paying as much attention to Kennedy's criticism of the Iraq invasion before it happened as they did Obama's endorsement, because maybe it would have helped rally the nation to oppose the war before a single life was lost. Unfortunately, that's all bloody water under the bridge.

I'm still not going to vote for Obama for reasons I've made quite clear on this blog, but I hope the Senator is at least competitive in this state. He's been endorsed by the Big 3 - Senators Kerry, Kennedy and the Governor - and I respect all of them. I'd hate to see the projected Hillary landslide in the Bay State that most polls are suggesting, but unfortunately that's probably going to be what happens. Still, though, that shouldn't reflect poorly on any of the Big 3 at all - only the media still pretends that endorsements sway voters.


Ari Fertig said...

Have you seen any polls of MA since SC/Kennedy? I haven't. And the last poll with Clinton getting 59% was clearly flawed. And even if it weren't I'd expect her to take a nosedive of at least 9 points from there.

Ryan Adams said...

She'll have to bleed a lot to make this state even competitive. I hope it isn't, so I can vote for Edwards in good conscience.

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