Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Running for the Democratic State Committee

Now that the Democratic Party's mailer is out, it's not exactly a big secret that I'm running for one of 5 male GLBT at-large seats on the Democratic State Committee. There are many reasons why I'm running, but chief among them is this: we, as a party, need to be able to get our powerful grassroots movement beyond organizing around particular candidates and into organizing around the common problems Massachusetts citizens face everyday. I feel I am uniquely qualified to bring these kinds of ideas and solutions to the DSC that will be able to make an impact on the all-important policy level.

As a successful state politics blogger and a winning Field Director, I have direct experience at both the communications and field level - two critical elements in enacting the change we need. From my online activism, I've advocated endlessly for glbt rights, the environment and all sorts of other issues that are critical to us all. On my internet radio show,, I've had guests such as MassEquality's Marc Solomon and the former Editor of Bay Windows, Susan Ryan-Vollmar, on the show to talk about where Massachusetts needs to go now to continue on our path of civil rights progression, among many other critical subjects. As a Campaign Field Director, implementing grassroots election strategy and running many of the day-to-day operations, I've been successful to the tune of helping win12 out of 15 precincts in Lori Ehrlich's 8th Essex campaign for State Representative.

I hope to bring my unique experience and fresh perspective to the State Committee to bridge two of the Democratic Party's most powerful tools – the grassroots and the netroots - in a way that will truly make our party blossom on Beacon Hill.

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