Saturday, February 23, 2008

Know a Twentysomething?

Then I think you should read this. Here's just a brief blurb:

Stop judging the twentysomethings. Instead, look at yourself. Why is it so important for your twentysomething to make choices that you like? In fact, the most successful people in today’s workplace are making choices that would have seemed absurd ten years ago. And things that are true today were not true ten years ago.

And have a heart. It’s not easy to be a twentysomething today. These young people grew up with tons of structure, tons of adults watching over them, tons of accolades. It’s a hard adjustment to go into the adult world where there is none of this. The most successful transitions happen when the person making the change receives time to adjust, space to grow, and support for tough decisions.

Have some patience. Most people find what they want to do with their life by the time they are 30. Really. And they are already putting so much pressure on themselves to find a good life. They don’t need more pressure from you.

I can't describe how many copies of the entire piece I'm thinking of printing up, so I can pass them out to every single person who has "advice" about what I should do with my life, instead of letting me figure it out on my own. It's as if some people think anything but being an Executive Vice President or half way through Harvard Law at the age of 23 is a failure. No thanks.


joe said...

Feel like joining the facebook group "All my friends are getting married and I'm still getting drunk every weekend"?

I kinda do.

Anonymous said...

I think growing up now is much more difficult than when I was a kid. So many more opportunities and paths to explore. If you make a mistake now it seems to follow a person longer than before. When I was younger you could do something, fail, pick yourself up and learn your lesson and go on.

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