Monday, February 18, 2008

Kos, Olbermann, Blogs, MSM... One-Sided Hypocrisy

On the one hand, Kos is willing to wag his fingers at the Clinton campaign for making notice that red states vote red: it's insulting to the voters, he says. Well, maybe it is, even if it's a case of 'the truth hurts.' On the other hand, Kos gives a tip of his cap to laying the ultimate insult to Michigan and Florida voters: stripping them of their votes. Apparently, part of the 50 State Strategy Kos is trying to defend here says that two of our biggest, most important states shouldn't even be able to have a say in the election. What a great strategy! And, let's get real, it's not as if the voters of either of those states had a choice in the fact that their primaries were moved up. So, if it's a big deal that Hillary's peeps think that red state voters aren't quite as important as the voters in states that will actually vote for a Democrat, why isn't Kos and the like demanding Michigan and Florida voters get their say? Talk about hypocrisy.

Then there's the case of Keith Olberman, who I normally love. However, whenever it comes to Hillary Clinton, he's downright foaming at the mouth - despite the fact that, if anything, she's to the left of Barack on the most important domestic policy issues: health care and even energy. The rest of the media follows suit: every little Clinton blip is analyzed for how they're a bunch of awful human beings and don't deserve to be in office. Yet, they ignore the fact that Obama's camp has been equally brutal. Then, when Obama gets caught with his hand in the speech-writers' cookie jar, seemingly the entire MSM rushes to his defense. Can I just say that if I did what Obama did on a college paper, I most definitely would have been given a zero, likely with a very scary meeting scheduled with the dean. But, then again, I don't cheat.

The media coverage of this race has been god-awful and entirely one sided. It's sickening to see the blogosphere join the MSM in these ranks - clearly, some of these blogs are quickly joining the establishment that they so often love to rail against. I hate to throw this out there, but part of me really wonders if the situation would be different if Hillary weren't one of those crazy people who just so happen to lack an extra appendage between their legs. In any event, it would be nice if the blogosphere could get away from the very horse-race type issues that we get so pissed off about when the media covers them. This race ought to be about the issues, instead it's about trivial matters wherever we go for campaign news. Ugh.

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