Sunday, March 30, 2008

Can't Believe I Missed This:

The Governor's still going to pay for that "Spectrum Gaming" 'independent' study on casinos in Massachusetts. It was a stupid idea then, it's downright idiotic now.

A little context: about a month ago, the Governor hired "Spectrum Gaming," a company that serves the casino industry, to give its 'independent analysis' on casinos in this state.

Getting back to the present, with the casino bill dead for the year, the Governor's still going to spend the money on this clearly partisan group to - do what exactly? Shilling for casinos hasn't been effective for the Governor yet - his use of Suffolk Downs data as sacred text on the matter absolutely, positively blew up in his face.

While Spectrum should obviously be paid for the time it's already put into the study, the state could save at least half the sum the Governor was planning on giving them by telling the casino group to cease the "study" immediately - that's a $100,000 or more that could save a few teachers, or cops, or help repair one of the hundreds of roads in this state that are in need of some serious attention.

If the Governor really wants to have that study, he should pay for it himself. I suspect he'll be able to find the cash, one way or another.



dan bosley said...

It gets worse. If you read the RFP, the administration didn't hire Spectrum to do an "independent analysis, but to tell them how to proceed. The RFP states that the administration has already decided to do three casinos, it asks for a plan to maximize the impact of those casinos. So much for the independent study of whether the plan works.

Anonymous said...

When you climb into bed with casino moguls you can get VD (VERY DESPARATE) What a boob. It's nice to have watch dogs like Rep. Bosley,Ryan,CasinoFreeMass, etc. Let's elect a governor that actually cares next time.

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