Friday, March 28, 2008

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Governor

A Brief Excerpt:
Chapter 2: Avoid PR Nightmares whenever possible.

Unfortunately, part of being Governor means that you have to be on the job, 24/7. That means that if something important is going on, the Governor has to be in the state and ready to weigh in or do something about it. For example, if a Governor's largest policy proposal in his or her term is being voted on, that's a bad day to plan a short getaway to New York City.


Anonymous said...

When you look at this mess, it forces one to re-visit the election choices: Muffy, Reilly and his St. Fleur fiasco or Deval.
Maybe at a certain point, either party or both will present and support viable candidates, not those shopping for higher office or losers. Do we have so few viable candidates with brains and a little more PR savvy?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like time for better advisors for the Guv.

joe said...

Or a better Guv.

Anonymous said...

Joe -- this is making me re-think Whining Jane Swift. She doesn't look so bad now.

Ryan Adams said...

Deval's fine, he just needs to pay more attention to the little stuff... and actually get behind the issues that the people support.

Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - you can say this, I cannot.

Doesn't this 'I'll write the book on nights and weekends' thing sound an AWFUL lot like his excuse for calling Ameriquest? It was OK because it was after 5?

WHEN will he understand that he signed on for FOUR YEARS and that being governor ISN'T a time-card job?

Ryan Adams said...

I really don't mind him writing the book, but he's clearly shown a long-standing unwillingness to learn how to avoid stupid issues popping up as significant ones. Deval Patrick signs a deal to write a book? Big deal. Deval Patrick skips a vote on his signature legislative effort, skips town on his allies and gains a pretty penny in the process? PR nightmare.

He's got to stop doing these stupid, stupid things. And, then, he's got to start listening and working on the issues people care about - like fixing this disastrous health care mess.

lucy said...

Ryan, it's great to be forgiving with the drapes, the limo, and some of the other trivia, but this was a bone-headed move that he should have recognized would blow up. His entire handling of the issue has been amateurish.
All we're seeing is another hack that will use the MA Governorship as a stepping stone.

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