Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary, Barack; Barack, Hillary?

I'm beginning to feel the party will be best served by keeping these two mammoth political figures together to defeat McCain. Let the primary season finish itself out to decide who's at the top, but then unite the party by keeping the two tickets together. It's a way out of the difficult convention, without tearing the party apart, and it's a way to universal ballot success across the country.

This primary battle is certainly unique in the lives of most Americans and it represents two steam-rolling forces that will go on to not only defeat McCain, but also propel our US House and Senate to victories across the nation. Former Speaker of the House Hastert's seat swinging to a Democrat, in large part because of Obama's efforts there, truly speaks to the potential of our top two candidates sweeping across the nation, going where each of them is popular, so we can truly collect a mandate capable of granting universal health care, an end to the Iraq war and addressing dozens of our other chief concerns. Coattails are powerful weapons, especially when local campaigns are actively working to turn out both the local and presidential vote in districts that are competitive. This primary season has seen record turnout in many places across the country; we must harness this political force to benefit all of the races, and the best way of doing that is to unite the ticket at the convention.

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