Monday, March 24, 2008

Who Needs Hospitals for the Poor Anyway?

Apparently, the Globe is advocating closing down hospitals that primarily service the poor and working class. I'm sure that's the real health care answer!


New in Swampscott said...


1. Is Fisherman's and a Quarry coming back up?

2. Did you link the wrong editorial? I didn't see the Globe advocating to shut anything down. I see some concerns about financial health of an organization, and I see a union claiming that management is poor. I think you could have equally called the headline "Globe Advocates Hospitals for the Poor Be Run Well."

Ryan Adams said...

Toward the end of the editorial, the Globe questioned the need for all three hospitals. We've already closed too many down in this state as it is, so that's rather reckless. That said, I should have quoted what I was referring to.

I'll probably put Fisherman's and a Quarry back up, but I don't really have the time to give it its proper due - what I really need for F&Q are some co writers.

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