Monday, April 28, 2008

Bees Across the Globe

How on Earth is this a front-page article? The subtitle:

Soaring enrollment in county 'bee schools' reflects a national trend

There's at least two references to the missing bees in Doctor Who episodes this season, and of course scientists are worried about the phenomenon - but, really, an article on bee classes - where attendance has skyrocketed to 4 dozen people (!!) - on the front page of the Boston Globe? Of course, a little fluff is necessary in newspapers now and then, but can't the anecdotal pieces at least be about some heartbreaking case where a Massachusetts family is losing their home to the mortgage crisis, or how some family can't afford health insurance and is lucky enough to be included in the state's gap in coverage? In other words, couldn't and shouldn't the fluff or anecdotal soft news be about issues and people that will draw interest into the truly matter?

Unless, of course, the Globe is suggesting in a round about way that Beacon Hill needs to be making some kind of investment in bee keeping...

It's more likely today's bee story has more to do with this.

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