Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Deval Patrick Must Read

Lynne from LeftinLowell got a half hour with the Gov this morning. Do read about it!

Some highlights: Governor Patrick hopes to sign the Life Sciences Initiative and renewable energy bill within three weeks time (awesome!!). There's lots of planned investment in the state's roads, bridges and public universities (mostly bond bills, but good ones in such a tough economic time). The Governor's found some pretty nifty and creative ways to save money - and immediately translate the savings into projects desperately needed.

But, all in all, the best part about it is this: it represents another sign that Governor Patrick intends to get back to his roots - the grassroots. If he truly gets back on track, his forgettable winter and fall will be forgotten. We'll also make even more progress as a state. April is shaping up to be a wonderful month.

More discussion at BMG.

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