Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saturday's Blogger Fiesta Unveiled!

Because we're all super cool... wait a minute, is that Sco? (Joking!!)

It's no big secret that Lynne, Mike and I are hosting a big blogger get together in Lowell, but I've been having trouble thinking of exactly what to call it. Yes, there's going to be a brief presentation, but the event is more meant to be a fun chance to meet up with old friends and network with the bloggers, commenters, readers and members of the progressive, netroots Massachusetts community. So, really, this is one big party, right?

"Blogger Conference," sounding too much like a total drag, I thought: why not call it a Blogger Fiesta? The whole thing makes way more sense wrapped around the fact that we've officially ordered some real-live, authentic and awesome Mexican food from one of Lynne's favorite Lowell localities. We're also ordering some equally awesome and authentic Thai (including vegetarian, we think of everything!) and I'm making my home-cooked batch of famous (I swear!) Chicken Marsala to round the whole thing off. Mmm...

Seriously, there's going to be way too much food, so I'm hoping even more people will come (sign up now!). We have around 15 registered guests, including names that everyone will know, and another 5-6 people who have said they'd come... but just haven't made it official. Add to that various politicians and activists who want to stop by and chat, it's promising to be a great event already - but, seriously, the more the merrier! Lynne's house is huge. If you want to come and haven't signed up yet, Lynne would like to know by Thursday - that's tomorrow. Sign up via paypal, by clicking the link, or by contacting either Lynne or I personally if you have any questions. It's only $10, but if that's too steep, let us know (I've been there!).

While Saturday's event itself isn't a big secret, there are a few things we've kept slightly under wraps. I've billed the event as a pseudo brain-storming session where we can help create ways to both "expand and empower" the Massachusetts netroots. You see, we've elected some candidates, but failed to elect others. We've had some success on some issues, but not many recently. Anyone else get the feeling that if we were a tad, bit more organized, we could get a lot more accomplished as a movement? Both Lynne and I have a few good ideas and will spend a few minutes talking about them on Saturday, but we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas too.

If anyone is curious about how the day will unfold, here's the gist:

The event starts at 1pm at Lynne's home. You'll have to email her for directions (lynneATleftinlowellDOTcom). From around 1-2pm, we're going to gouge ourselves with food, chat with each other, catch up and do what we please. Feel free to play fusbol, a have Hillary/Barack Dance-Off, Pin the Tail on the McBush, or the always fun "What Will Romney Say about Massachusetts Next?" If none of those ideas are appealing, you can also match (in)famous names with faces, network, or even talk politics - heavens forbid.

From around 2-3pm, we'll restore a little order by starting with a very quick presentation of what Lynne and I have already brainstormed (and we're ambitious), then we'll open the whole thing up for discussion.

From 3-4pm we'll finish whatever we didn't already finish, talk amongst ourselves again, this time maybe bringing these ideas to a personal level, and most importantly make sure the place is a mess and accidentally leave it for Lynne and Mr. Lynne to clean up. Of course, this is just how I envision the day going. I'm not actually going to bring a gavel, though I will wager a guess that at some point Lynne may want her house back.

Some Important Notes:

When: Saturday, April 19th, starting at 1pm.
Where: Lynne's house in Lowell, Mass. Email Lynne for directions at LynneATleftinlowellDOTcom.
HOW: You can drive or take mass transit: the train from Boston comes very close to Lynne's home in Lowell and there's a train that arrives just before the Fiesta will start. There are a few people willing to carpool, too, just email me and I'll try to find you a ride. If you're from the North Shore I'll bring you myself.
Do: Come with an empty stomach. We're providing lots of food and drinks, but no booze. BYOB.
Don't: forget to sign up! We're asking everyone to sign up by tomorrow, Thursday, April 17th (my birthday!). Or at least let us know you're coming by then.

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