Thursday, April 03, 2008

Truly Investigative Journalism

Casey Ross wastes his time and your's (if you read it), trying to dig a few extra inches into the gift that was Patrick's venture into NY. The Governor spent a whole, whopping $400-500 on the trip - we should be outraged!! His details didn't sleep in the streets, like they should have, to save our Commonwealth an extra dollar or two.

Talk about a faux controversy. The Governor has details around him 24/7 - for a reason. Imagine if they weren't there - and something awful happened to the Governor? I'm sure Casey would have been writing a completely different story. The fact is we have police details protecting our Governors for a reason.


Anonymous said...

$400-500? Seriously? Perhaps Mr. Ross has simply never been to New York City. I was there last weekend, and spent probably $300, and I was staying in my brother's apartment and generally trying to be thrifty.

Anonymous said...

Ryan - and what IS that reason? John McCain doesn't have protection...neither did Romney during his campaign.

WHY does Deval need State Police, exactly?

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