Monday, April 07, 2008

Yo, Globe: Wind's Popular on the Cape

Two new wind turbines will be built on Deer Island in Boston - a nice, local project that city residents should be proud of. Of course, the Globe had to tie in the not-even-related-or-even-comparable Cape Wind project. It's disappointing to see the Globe repeat the long-ago debunked claim that...
Cape Wind... [is] heatedly opposed by many people
Um.. really? What does "many" mean? A large majority of people on Cape Cod support the project, over 3/4s of the Commonwealth is for it. If the Globe feels the need to make comparisons to Cape Wind, which is such a massive and important project that it really isn't similar at all to the Deer Island project, it ought to at least give a more accurate picture of the real level of support. After all, "many" people still believe the world is flat. Cape Wind, by the numbers, is one of the least divisive and most popular issues out there. I'm almost convinced that the only person who doesn't support Cape Wind at this point is Senator Kennedy, and the only people who think the project is "controversial" are journalists in the mainstream media.


Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - maybe they're afraid Christy Mihos won't sell the Globe in his markets anymore if they admit that the majority of Cape Codders approve of cape wind.

Ryan Adams said...


Anonymous said...

Never mind the Globe! One must wonder why they're only building two.
My understanding is that Mass Maritime has saved $300,000 a year with their single turbine.
If the state and feds correct the net metering issue (in which they receive 7 cents for power they generate, but must pay 17 cents for power they purchase), the turbine will be paid for within 6 years.
This is the sole reason Europe is far ahead of the US.
Don't forget that Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) also opposes Cape Wind because it would interfere with his sailing. Tough to navigate around obstructions when you're not sober!

Ryan Adams said...

Anon, it'll go up to 5 after the first two are built... the article seemed to suggest that was almost assured. But, yet, I agree: we need more, not less, wind turbines... and we need them fast.

Middleboro Review said...

Ryan, I'm composing a wind/energy post probably for tomorrow. There is SOOOooo much information out there that is optomistic and exciting about energy. And, as you probably know, I've posted tons and tons of links that provide some great information.
But let's not forget -- alternatives are great, but first we need to accept some personal responsibility and reduce consumption. Earth Day is approaching and there should be sales for those little squiggly light bulbs (CFLs). And instead of consuming with that generous tax rebate, buy some insulation and weatherstripping!
Comments supporting Cape Wind need to be submitted by April 15th. Let's do this!

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