Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Change, change, change, change, change

Yes, I get it, we need change. But change doesn't mean completely forsaking what's worked in the past. This absurd notion that taking Hillary on would forsake Obama's message of change is ridiculous. The change that we need is change back to competent government, where we try to improve the lives of everyday Americans and run a society in ways that make sense.

Would I like change above and beyond the Clinton years - pushing rights and being a bolder party? Sure, that's a fantastic idea - just where is it going to come from? On the issues that matter - such as civil rights and universal health care - Obama's just not promising or promoting it. He's using nice, broad strokes - and letting voters see what they want in the picture. We may as well be looking at clouds instead of policy; the less clear Obama's change seems, the better for his campaign.

Where's the real change? Where's the boundaries Obama's really pushing? It's smoke and mirrors. It's rhetoric. He's got this blog's vote and support, but we're fresh out of Kool-Aid. It's times like this where I half think David Axelrod must get a real good kick out of himself.

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