Sunday, June 08, 2008

DSC Convention & the Blogger Workshop Presentation

I went to yesterday's convention from beginning to end, arriving over an hour early to make final arrangements for the Blogger Workshop track, which I headed up along with Kate Donoghue, Lowell's own Lynne and several others.

But first, to the day. The Tsongas arena wasn't the perfect place for a DSC Convention, but I thought it was a damn near good place. First off, Downtown Lowell is a stunningly beautiful city, with lots to do. I wish I had more time to have taken advantage of it. The parking was cheap and plentiful, the Tsongas Arena big, beautiful with lots of room for tables and booths. It had plenty of AC to cool us all off on a hot day. The only thing it was lacking was a solid plan for handicap access, as that second link points out.

The speeches were mostly an afterthought. People were too busy meeting other Democrats at first to worry about speeches. Governor Patrick gave a decent speech, with some lines memorable enough to get everyone's attention for bits and pieces, but eventually even he lost the audience. It wasn't until the day's main event came up , the speeches of Senator Kerry and challenger O'Reilly and their supporters, that people really started to pay attention. O'Reilly's speech was fiery, but not polished. He clearly gets the frustrations many in this state have for Kerry, but not the answer. Kerry's speech was the best of the evening, but he also went twice the allotted time, due to an 'oversight.' (I'll give John Walsh the benefit of the doubt - that it was an accident - but even my suspicions were raised. Walsh did offer O'Reilly 12 more minutes, to match Kerry's 24 minute speech, but O'Reilly - thankfully - declined).

I tried to make it through all the voting, but unfortunately I had to pack up at around 2:30 to leave. I only found out later that O'Reilly made it onto ballot with slightly more than 20% of the vote, with angry Clinton supporters likely making the difference - since Kerry endorsed Obama.

I had an ulta-cool press pass (why it's cool, I do not know, but I didn't have to wait in a line to get it and it was certainly a conversation starter), but didn't know where the press room was, so I didn't the truly awesome perks... such as lunch on the state party, according to Lynne. I did embrace my inner Team Unity by buying a button for Obama. I also got to visit around a dozen activists/peers/friends from around the state - from DSC members to campaign volunteers I've worked with. That's always one of the best parts of an event like the State Convention.

In other news: the Blogger Workshop presentations are online at BlogLeft Mass, in the file section. Around 50 people came to the workshop, which I thought was a big success, so definitely feel free to use the presentations. To get them, join the BlogLeft Mass Yahoo group to get access to the files. All you need is a (free) yahoo account.

There's a general overview on blogging, as well as my "tech stuff" presentation - which includes detailed instructions on creating a free podcast, as well as various tools to make your blog even better. As time goes by, I'll improve the Tech Stuff presentation to include even more detailed instructions on how to do certain things, but for now if there's something on there anyone needs help with, just send me an email. Finally, we'll get the Netroots 101 presentation up there as well.

To get a yahoo account.

Go to

Press "sign in" on the right-hand side of the page.

It'll take you to the sign-in page. Below where it says sign it, it says "Don't have a Yahoo ID? Signing up is easy." Click the "Sign Up" button.

Fill out the page, then click "create account."

You'll get a confirmation email to your primary email account that you have to open up and press "Important. Click here to activate your new account."

Then, to sign up to BlogLeft Mass, just click on this link and press "Join this Group." Fill out that page, then press "Join."

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KRS said...

Oversight my arse!
Seems like it was the first time IN 24 years that Kerry gave a speech to defend his record.
His going over was no oversight, it was quite deliberate (and the estbalishment Dems let him!). You would be naive to think and or wrong to infer ignorance, that Kerry walked away, SHOCKED, that HE went over the allotted 12 minutes. OH the Horrah!

My questions are:
What HAS Kerry done for MA?
Hmmm...24 years as a Senator and no legislation he has authored. If you can find any, please do bring it forward.

He also purports to have addressed the nationwide foreclosure catastrophe.HAAA....Was that before or after millions of American citizens became homeless? Where are HIS investments? My money is on his having financial interests (just like many others: hedge funds and so forth).

Furthermore, why is MA (us taxpayers) paying 8 billion dollars for the Big Dig? When it was first rolled out, we were to pay next to nothing!

How about $4.+++ per gallon in gas, $5 in heating oil (in 2 years)???
Food on the table or paying heating bills..Inflation..WOW! I'm beside myself.
Families are drowning, with no rescue in sight. So sad, that our government is so out of touch with reality.

As much as Dems might like to blame the GOP for the country's ills, they are just as guilty.

Somethin' tells me, Kerry is too busy elsewhere on his Isle (sailing, windsurfing w/Tharesa) or running for President, than worrying about us Plebs.

The only thing "common" about Kerry is the fact that he may put his pants on like everyone else.
And just like every other man, he deserves competition..isn't that the Amercian way?

Full disclosure, I do support Ed O'Reilly. This after watching the do nothing Junior Senator.

Pissed? Yes, I'm pissed. He supported a war based on LIES, where we wind up in hock up the watoosie to China and the decided he didn't support it.

What KILLS me, is that many B#tch about the state of our affairs and vote the same EXACT representatives in all over again, placing no responsibility at the feet of those making decisions on Capitol Hill. Of course not! Really, the blame lies at the feet of every "sheepish" voter out there who is willing to drink the bad kool aid, because it's less work to speak their mind.

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