Monday, June 02, 2008

EaBo's Prophesizing Again

Hooray! There's a whole 47 Republicans on the ballot in Massachusetts - RedMassGroup was ecstatic. I couldn't stop laughing. It's not as funny as this, though...
2010 will be a watershed year. think long term people. - EaBo Clipper
How many will there be, EaBo? 50? Maybe by 3010, you'll have a whole 55! I'm just thinking long term...


joe said...

You know what's really funny? Deval Patrick.

Hope! Love! Kumbaya! Casinos! Hijacked Life Sciences! Cadillacs! Drapes!

Wooo! Together we can! Together we can!

THAT'S funny.

bostonph said...

Joe: funny is that at 38 EaBo is still helping run the "Young" Republican meet-ups. Or that of the 7 candidates the YRs brag about helping to victory, none of them list their party affiliation on their Web sites.

Greer Tan Swiston is a perfect example. She even replaced the picture of her with Kerry Healey with a picture of her and Mike Dukakis.

Hell, even RMG darling Steven Levey doesn't have the word Republican anywhere on his site:

joe said...

Man, you liberals are really hung up on age. God forbid Ebo should be black, gay or a chick...I don't know what you would talk about!

Anonymous said...

If it is your opinion that the Dems are doing such a swell job then you may gloat. Some of us think that the lack of checks and balances in the process has lead to a mess of historic proportion.

Anonymous said...


Since you seem intent on becoming the next EaBo, here's an article that may help you:

When you're college-age and your parents are paying for everything, you're likely to be a big believer in people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Ayn Rand appeals to your age group for that reason, but the problem is, once you actually have to pay your own way, bootstrap--pulling gets a whole fuck of a lot harder, and Rand sounds more and more like a creepy Republican. If you're over 25 and you still think her books are great, you're (a) white and (b) an asshole.

The article has some reading suggestions which may help you get out of the party-line-spouting-stupid-angry-white-guy rut you seem to be lost in.

bostonph said...


The age quip was just the opening line... the stuff to talk about is the other 90% of the post. Care to respond? (BTW, ever been to a YR meetup? Even the cast of 90210 were more convincingly young. I'm guessing the media age was 35.)

anon1013 and Joe:

How is it that, with Deval in the dumps, people are still rejecting the Republican brand? Could it be that running on a platform of "we're not Democrats" isn't all that compelling? What exactly are you offering?

Anonymous said...

God forbid Ebo should be black, gay or a chick...

A chick? How enlightened. How many Republican "chicks" are there? Do you let them vote and stuff or are they just groupies?

Chances are that if EaBo fell into any of those categories, he wouldn't be the xenophobic idiot we've all come to loathe.

Ryan Adams said...

I have to say... ROFL at Anon 11:04's second paragraph.


Part of me agrees with you. I'm am so done with the government of hope rhetoric; I've become an action-oriented blogger, now. Nothing else impresses me much, as the song goes..

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I call 'em as I see 'em. Ken Pittman is way out ahead of me on that, though:

Do you realize how many people tell me what a bitter and petty baby you are at these GOP meetings when you see someone who disagreed with you one time over one issue? Yes, you have made a name for yourself. You want to help grow the GOP? Grow up. Stop kissing your own ass and come to back to reality.

Couldn't have said it better if I tried. EaBo is a putz.

Ken also makes an excellent point about RMG. If you have any doubt that the Mass. GOP is a bunch of doctrinaire assholes, one visit to RMG will cure ya.

For whatever reason, you and your buddy Wave, connected at the hip (or that general area) have lambasted anyone who disagrees.

Well, I've disagreed and I've been right all along. You two go out of your way to piss people off like some appointed mother hens to the room but end up "losing sleep" over posts yourself.

The both of you believe yourselves to be political experts but are part of one of the most losing political efforts in US History; the Massachusetts Republican Party.

New ideas enter and you insist they must be stifled because the course you run is best.

I think you are out of your mind and that you should reconsider how effective you are at this. You have done your best to make this the Red Mess Group.

Peter Porcupine said...

OK. I admit to being one of the instigators of Red Mass Group. I knew from experience how effective (albeit deluded) Blue Mass Group was, and I watched that crew get a marginal candidate elected Governor. After the shock settled, after the fools who WELCOMED Deval over Tom Reilly picked their jaws back up off the ground, I said - NOW do you believe me about this newfangled Internet?

And RMG was born. But from the beginning, Rob and Patrick have done the yeoman's share of the work. Is it as effective as BMG? No - but I was around in the earlier days of BMG, and BMG wasn't BMG back then either, if you can follow what I mean. Rob and Patrick have made an excellent effort for a first year, and have provided what simply didn't exist before - a conservative forum.

We're not all young (btw - membership in YR's is up to age 40) - in fact, Wave is older than me, and was an influential official when I worked in the state house ten years ago.

We've been vilified, willfully misunderstood and misquoted, and we're the secret choice of many. When I tell people that there are 3,000 or so registered Republicans in their town of 10,000, they always say - I thought I was the only one! You read the constant drumbeat about falling GOP registration - and yet, in the last ten years, Democratic registraion has fallen 15% as well. The Glob just doesn't report it.

I've been at this for decades, and I'm not going anywhere. Mass GOP will always offer an alternative.

Anonymous said...

Mass GOP will always offer an alternative.

It's been asked above, but what exactly are you offering?

Bill Weld's fiscal conservative, social liberal small-l libertarian approach was very appealing, but RMG is dominated by by wavemaker's "pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax, anti-gay" agenda.

It, like Peter Morin and the Mass. GOP in general, has Rob Eno's charm crossed with Cynthia Stead's sex appeal. Not a winning combo by any standard.

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