Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Grades for Online Newspapers

Here. The Boston Globe, sadly, gets a C.
The newspaper site, known as Boston.com, clearly has a large following in New England. It has an impressive ratio of online visitors to paid print subscribers. It is too bad the product does not deliver more. It is odd that NYTimes.com is such a good website and Boston.com has such a long way to go. Both are part of the same parent company.
Clearly, they didn't get the memo. The NYT is killing the Boston Globe. It's almost like it's on purpose or something. (If not, why not just sell the Globe?)


Anonymous said...

State Senator Marzilli arrested on multiple counts
Democrat faces multiple assault charges

Ah those democrats are at it again!!

Anonymous said...

Marzilli faces charges in Lowell assault
By Casey Ross
State Sen. James Marzilli was arrested in Lowell today for allegedly attacking a woman in broad daylight, just three weeks after prosecutors decided against charging him with sexual assault in a different case.

Marzilli, 49, (D-Arlington) was taken into custody by Lowell police at 3:45 p.m. after allegedly attempting to assault a woman on Middle Street. He is facing charges of assault and battery, attempting to commit indecent assault and resisting arrest, said Corey Welford, a spokesman for Middlesex Distirct Attorney Gerry Leone.

Sources said Marzilli gave police a false name and attempted to run from them before he was finally arrested.

Ryan Adams said...

Any thoughts on the Globe online? Or other online papers?

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