Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here We Go With the Jobs, Again

From today's State House News Service (sorry, SHNS doesn't allow links):
Track owners facing long odds are making a closing plea to lawmakers to approve slot machines at the state’s four tracks, arguing that the Commonwealth would have an extra $1.5 billion and 4,000 union jobs on hand if they had joined the Senate in sanctioning the gambling machines two years ago.

“The legislation coming before you this month will put expanded gambling where it belongs: At the four Massachusetts racetracks that are zoned for gambling, are in communities that embrace the jobs and revenues from these businesses and are owned and operated locally,” wrote Richard Dalton of Wonderland Greyhound Park and Gary Piontkowski of Plainridge Racecourse in a letter to legislators.
Where it belongs? I don't think so. If anyone believes Richard Dalton - that Racinos will create 4,000 new jobs and give the Commonwealth $1.5 billion a year, I have a bridge I'd like you to come take a look at.

For the record, Rhode Island's
singular Racino claims to be on the verge of bankruptcy. Why, exactly, would we expect Massachusetts's four race tracks to do any better? Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't more competition lead to less profits?

Heck, two of the tracks in Massachusetts are within 2.4 miles of each other, or 3-4 subway stops. (Yes, Massachusetts has given both tracks their own Subway stop - talk about government propping up an industry!)

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Is that what we want Massachusetts to look like? Racinos within spitting distance of each other?

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