Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary/Obama Stand Off

It's pretty clear, to me, that tonight's Hillary speech was all about Hillary wanting to be VP and Obama saying "no." Why he's saying no, I don't get, because she's clearly as strong a candidate out there as any (and, according to MSNBC's count, really is leading in the popular vote as of earlier in the evening). Instead of increasing his likelihood of winning, he's doing everything in his power to keep this bitter to the end. A bitter end.

For months, the smart thing to do was to unite the ticket. This is absurd. I have no horses in this race; at this point, I can't stand any of them. I wish we could have a whole primary do-over, complete with new candidates, because these ones suck. They can't even be the 'bigger person' and unite the fracking ticket. Talk about a pair of egotistical, stubborn clowns. Thank goodness it's McSame we're running against - that guy can't talk his way out of a paper bag - otherwise, I'd be worried right now.


ruthhmiller said...

Obama can't take Hilary to be his VP. Here's why. She has campaigned against him using republican talking points(McCain and I Hilary are prepared to be commander in chief for only one example) Bill is an uncontrollable entity,a loose cannon. Every time there would be a disagreement she would threaten to take her 18 million and go home. The only problem is that the 18 m does not exist as "her troops" they are each individual voters, many of them Democrats who want to get rid of McCainBush and understand that they have to throw their support to Obama to ge that done. In a sense it is they who have the power, not Hilary. She never quite understood that. No I think Secretary of HHR is a good place for her. Unless she's like to stay in the Senate. We need all the democrats we can get.

joe said...

I wouldn't count McCain's lack of masterful oratory against him...did you forget who won in 2000 and 2004?

Lynne said...

Rule No. Uno about picking a VP candidate - do NOT invite someone on the ticket who either outshines you despite themselves by dint of their celebrity, or outshines you deliberately because they love the spotlight. Clinton fails on both counts.

Frankly, given how much she's pissed off half the Dem electorate, she's definitely the poorest choice around.

I feel for the older feminist crowd, sort of. I mean, they, like the suffragists at the turn of the century, have been waiting a looooong time. My MiL is one such - the talking points about Obama she sent out to us! But that's also sort of what pisses me off about that electorate. They didn't attach themselves to their candidate's argument on merit, they went dirty. Emily's List is an impediment to honest debate, and the sort of voters they attract bit it hook, line, and sinker. One would have hoped that the sheer lies and obfuscations Clinton produced about Obama could have gotten a more critical look by her supporters. Unfortunately, they took the meaning of "rabid support" a little too seriously. The foaming at the mouth and ignoring of the facts was shameful.

Ryan Adams said...

I don't know if I agree with Ruth of Lynne on this. Bill can be kept relatively quiet - as long as the media's kept at arm's length, he's a plus to any campaign. And she's not going to 'threaten' to go home as a VP, because that's exactly where she'd want to be.

For Lynne's critiques, there's no way that Hillary will 'outshine' Barack. He's already proven that he outshines her. She could help Obama, though, with blue collar workers and women. Furthermore, if it can bring the party together, all the better. At this point, all I want to do is win, and I think combining the ticket gives us the best chance of doing that: anything to beat McCain.

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