Thursday, June 05, 2008

Join the BlogLeft Mass Yahoo Group

As BlogLeft Mass becomes more and more active, I realized we're going to need some sort of a more organized way to keep in touch and plan things. Thus, our very own page: BlogLeft Massachusetts. I hope everyone who reads this blog and participates in the Mass Netroots will join the new group.

Lefty Bloggers in Mass used to use the group "BayStateProgressiveBloggers," but that group is largely defunct. I'll be sending a message to that group asking them to join the new one. As the times have changed, so have our needs. BlogLeft is going to grow over the next few months, as we start to have regular events. Now we have another tool in our arsenal to be more effective. So, sign up!


kyledeb said...

There's no way to sign up for this without a yahoo address right?

Ryan Adams said...

you don't need a yahoo email, but you do need a yahoo username. they're free and easy to make, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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