Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ouch: Building Their Own Casino Stumbling Blocks

Apparently, there's a building history of violent leadership from the Wampanoags trying to secure a casino in Middleboro. A long history. Will the third chief be the charm? It seems like the House needs to get its house in order before it can even think of building a Massachusetts casino.

Seriously, if they can't manage to have a leader who isn't a convicted rapist or an alleged wife beater, what makes people think they can run a casino? There are people going to jail and pleading guilty to casino-related crimes all across the country from the allures getting lots of cash surrounding a small number of people - what have the Wampanaogs done, so far, to inspire confidence that their leaders aren't going to follow in the same suit pursuing casino dollars? It's not as if they're being wholly honest now, even to critical members of their own tribe. Heck, the FBI's been involved. This is not a good track record, to say the least.

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Anonymous said...

Why do I keep thinking there's more to come? Has anyone found the missing $10 million? Where'd the $$$ go?

Massachusetts doesn't allow Class III gaming, but the corruption is already here.

Will out elected officials wake up and see the potential? One need only following the lucrative trail of Abramhoff that is still unravelling.

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