Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Patrick's Casino Damage Control

A story was just posted on the State House News Service wire that suggests Patrick's thankfully backtracked a bit on his decision to enter into a compact with the Wampanoags.
"I'll be prepared when I have to be, but we don't have to be yet." Patrick said the tribe will "really drive" the negotiation timetable. "It doesn't start until they say it starts. And there's not a lot of point in starting until the land-in-trust process is finished. Now, we're in regular touch with them, not me directly, but members of my team are, certainly, and they have expressed an interest in working with us when the time comes. But, no, there's no negotiation happening yet."
Unfortunately, because it's SHNS, I can't link to the story, because it's a private news service. But I left readers with the important quote.


Anonymous said...

Remember the little dogs from those 1950's and 60's cartoons? Wheet,wheet,wheet!(running away) Thats our guv.

tammy said...

This guy is the most tone deaf politician I've ever seen.

Watch for some more dirt from them on DiMasi.

Nothing like watching a guv self-destruct and become a one-term governor before your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Is Patrick one of those guys that can NEVER accept a loss? Maybe he has never lost at anything before? I can't believe he keeps bringing up the casino subject. One of his advisors needs to advise him to back off. The Middleborough Casino is many YEARS from coming to fruition (if ever). The cards are stacked against the tribe getting the land put into trust. Their backs are against the wall. There is no need to negotiate with the tribe at this time.

Anonymous said...

Deval for governor of Chi- town!

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