Thursday, June 26, 2008

Racino's Legislative Death?

Is this the last nail in the coffin? It's sure looking like it:
A bill that would have made it possible for the state's four racetracks, including Raynham Taunton Greyhound Park, to offer slot machines is dead for this year.

David L. Flynn, D-Bridgewater, said the Senate has refused to allow action on the measure to legalize slots at the four race tracks.
If this is true, it'll seriously make my day.

Also, score one for Sue Tucker.

And in the House:
House Speaker Sal DiMasi gave little hope that the slots bill would advance before the July 31st deadline....

“That’s actually in limbo,” DiMasi said.... “There’s a difference of opinion as to where it goes.”
Obviously, in Speaker DiMasi's House, it goes exactly where it should: no where.

(Take that, Joan.)

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betty said...

Give Rep. Flynn a box of hankies, tell him to get over it and send him home. How many times do we have to watch a vote on this useless issue? Nail the coffin closed and bury it!

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